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How many 1mg xanax do you have to take to kill yourself
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Best Answer: Yes Terry, it can. When you overdose on most any medication you most likely will begin to vomit and aspirate it into your lungs, literally choking to .

how many mg do you need to take to get high? - Answers on: Xanax

It depends on a couple of facots.. 1. Body weight 2. Body type 3. Tolerance 4. God's will to let you survive If you've never taken xanax before 20mg can easily kill .

Best Answer: 0.25mg of Xanax is a very low dose. Some people take as much as 6-10mg per day. Taking a few more How many 1mg xanax do you have to take to kill yourself tablets would not hurt you (in fact, contrary to what .

Hi Francis, Studies have shown that Xanax (alprazolam) immediate release tablets show peak concentrations of the drug in blood plasma after about one to two hours.

How many of you take anti-depressants? - A moderated community forum for people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS to ask questions about HIV/AIDS prevention and .

In any one year, 2-6% of children will try to kill themselves. . Many people have thought that the main reason that children and adolescents try to kill themselves .

How do you quit taking Xanax? ChaCha Answer: Do not stop using Xanax suddenly without first talking to your doctor. You may need to u.

In an effort to help me stop drinking, my doctor prescribed 1 mg of Xanax which I take nightly to help me sleep. This has proved effective and has helped me stop .

The only medically researched method of weaning youself off benzodiazepines such as Xanax was done by Dr. Heather Ashton of England. For 12 years (1982-1994) she ran .

SWIM's wife is considering taking a trip off of either HBWR seeds or the mushies. She is scared of tripping since she has had a bad experience. I am

Best Answer: Taking all of those medications at once would likely kill her, especially if she was not found for a while. Vomiting after benzodiazepine overdone is not .

How many lorazepam How many 1mg xanax do you have to take to kill yourself will kill you.

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